**UPDATE 5/29/2020**  Letter from the Elders
Restricted Services

Grace Family,

As you probably know by now, Governor Newsom has issued guidelines allowing churches to corporately worship in person again. We are doing all that we can to provide a safe worship environment for you and your family, so please read the following information, some of which is identical to our letter last week, while any changes are italicized. These guidelines will pertain to all future services at Grace until further notice:
  1. There will be two services: 9 A.M. and 11 A.M. Note that there is a TIME CHANGE. The second service will start at 11 A.M. We will be asking everyone to leave promptly after the first service so that we can adequately clean and prepare for the second.


We are limited to 100 people in the main sanctuary for each service. When we reach this capacity, we will open the Chapel in the Education Building (limit 100 as well), where the Livestream will be available.


  1. There will be NO NURSERY or children’s ministry/classes. Your children can join you in the service; however, there will be NO children’s worship bags available.


  1. There will also be no youth or adult Sunday school classes.


  1. Coffee and tea will not be available, nor anything communal.


  1. If you are at-risk, sick, have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks, or if you have reservations about attending, please stay home and watch the YouTube Livestream service. We will continue this service for the foreseeable future, but the Facebook Livestream will no longer be available.


  1. We will have ushers directing you where to sit, which may not be where you normally do. We will be filling in the pews closest to the stage first, and then fill toward the back of the sanctuary. Please be advised that anyone in the first few rows may be seen on the Livestream.


  1. Please practice all the safe social distancing techniques that you know so well by now, being loving and considerate of fellow worshipers concerned with catching the virus. The use of face coverings is now required, per the recent Santa Barbara County Health Officer Order No. 2020-10, which went into effect on May 26; however, face coverings are not required if you meet the exceptions listed in the county order.


  1. There will be hand sanitizer stations available near the sanctuary entrances. Also, please limit your use of the bathroom during the short time of the service by planning ahead. Per the California Department of Public Health, all water fountains will be inoperable.


  1. Please do not use the church Wi-Fi during the services because it may affect our Livestream. If you are going to use your phone, switch over to your data plan.


  1. Please leave one parking space between each car in the parking lot.


We join with David in saying, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the LORD!’” (Psalm 122:1)


Grace Elders

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