Child Abuse Prevention Policy

All of God’s children are precious to us at Grace, but especially those little ones He has put in our care while their parents are in worship or Bible Study.  To help protect all the children at Grace; preschoolers, children, youth and mentally handicapped persons entrusted to our care, we have a Child Abuse Prevention & Ministry Care Provider Policy in place. 

Our objective is to focus on those who have regular, ongoing contact with minors as part of the ministries of Grace Baptist Church.  Every person who meets this criteria undergoes a screening process that includes, but is not limited to:

Application process ~ Interview ~ Livescan ~ Training


All information obtained is kept confidential in adherence to federal and state laws.  The following forms/documents are available to download:

If you would like more information on our Child Abuse Prevention Policy, please contact Pastor James or Michelle Farris, Administrative Assistant.