Paula Harder and Farah Shaw are our “Hands On” Directors of Children’s Ministries.
Our ministry staff is primarily volunteer based, with all teachers and helpers over 18 carefully screened through our Child Abuse Protection Policy [CAPP].


Sunday Classes

Bible-based programs are available for infants through 6th grade during our 9:00am & 10:30am worship services.  

2609Nursery (Birth through 24 months)
From birth until the ‘terrific twos’, our Nursery Staff provides loving care in a warm, safe environment for the Babies of Grace. At this stage, the safety of these children is our highest prioritiy. Our parent Pager System makes a great connection between baby and that little black box. We do not hesitate to call [vibrate] a parent when needed, and the pager identifies the parent when picking up = no pager, no baby! A crib room for naps and nursing moms, a quiet zone for tiny ones, and an inviting playroom for walkers are designed to meet the needs of the littlest worshipers. Two paid staff as well as a volunteer support base come to know and love each baby, bringing them comfort as familiar faces greet them each week. Parents are then able to attend classes or worship with peace of mind.

Early Childhood (Age 2 through Kindergarten)
Welcoming classrooms invite your child to join us in discovering foundational truths of who God is and what He has done for us.  Age-graded curriculum and class set-ups offer rich environments for little hearts to learn about the love of God the Creator and Provider, and of Jesus our Shepherd and Lord.  Through ‘godly play’ we teach Bible stories, make music, experience hands-on activities, and simply enjoy time together.  It is here that faith foundations are laid on the foundations of love and trust. 

2762Early Elementary (Grades 1 through 4)
Dynamic peer group classes and large group worship make Sunday mornings with GraceKidz a time they anticipate with joy all week long! Each child is encouraged to explore the Bible through group activities, Bible study, song and hands-on learning. We strive to help each child grasp life-changing meaning from the Bible, to help them discover a personal relationship with Jesus, and to learn what it takes to live as a true follower of Jesus. 

Upper Elementary (Grades 5 & 6)
In the ‘56 Digs’, fifth and sixth graders dig for truth in God’s Word. A relaxed style with meaty content describes this unique band of Biblical Archaeologists as they enjoy one another, their teachers, and the quest of finding out how to be fantastic Christ-followers!